6 Amazing Tips for Acing English Section in Bank Exams

English section is an important and scoring section in most of the banking exams such as IBPS, SBI, LIC, and RBI. We all know with each day, the competition for banking exams is getting tougher. At such a time, you need to master all the sections of bank exams. Here in this blog, we have discussed the strategy that can help you ace the English section in the banking examinations.

English Section:
The three important sections in the English language are Vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension. The English section in banking exams is designed to check the candidate reading, writing and analytical skills. Below we have described the strategies for mastering all the three important English sections one by one.

Vocabulary is one of the most important sections that can keep you ahead of other candidates. This section will help you solve topics such as spellings, cloze tests, words association, fill in the blanks and reading comprehension. But in order to make your vocabulary strong, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Reading will help you learn numerous words, so make a habit of reading a newspaper or an article daily. Write down the words which you have found while reading. Use a dictionary or internet to find out the meaning of the word. Search the synonyms and antonyms of the new word and write it down in a separate notebook. Revise daily and make sentences to memorize the words for a long duration.
  • Search previous year’s questions paper, this will give you an idea of the types of questions been asked in the examination. Vocabulary is not like grammar which has a standard set of rules, it is a vast subject. So, prepare it according to the level of the exam.
  • Use smart techniques to remember the meaning of the words. The best way to memorize words is to relate it with some images or a story.

Grammar Section:
Grammar is the basis of the English language and the most important topic in the banking examinations. It can help you answer questions related to error spotting, sentence improvement/completion, Para summary, and phrase replacement. To ace, grammar skills consider the following tips:

  • Start from the basics
  • Properly understand the tense, nouns, and pronouns
  • Don’t forget to study adverbs, adjectives, indirect and direct speech
  • Practice as many questions as you can
  • Read different styles of writing and don’t get confused about words that sound the same.
  • Practice previous years question papers

Reading comprehension:

The last and one of the most important sections of the English language is reading comprehension. To answer the questions of reading comprehension, your reading skills, grammar, and vocabulary must be strong. You must read newspapers, articles, and magazines daily to improve your reading skills.

During the examination, read the comprehension carefully and try to figure out the summary of the comprehension. This will help you attempt the questions which are directly based on either summary or the content of comprehension. Mostly the reading comprehensions are based on social issues, banking, and economy, science and technology. Learning about these topics will help you answer quickly in the examination.

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