AIR’s entry on dwindling tiger habitats wins ABU award

All India Radio’s (AIR’s) entry Diary of a Tiger (एक बाघ की डायरी) in October 2016 won the first prize in the Community Service Announcement category of the prestigious Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) awards for the year 2016.

Dairy of a Tiger was declared the winner at an award ceremony held in Bali, Indonesia, on the sidelines of ongoing 53rd ABU General Assembly and Associated Meetings. The award includes a trophy, certificate and cash prize of 2000 US Dollars.

Abhinay Srivastava received his award by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) in association with RRI (Radio Republic Indonesia) & MMIT (Ministry of Communication and Informatics), Indonesia.

About Diary of a Tiger (एक बाघ की डायरी)

  • The programme was produced by Abhinay Srivastava, Programme Executive, AIR Allahabad.
  • The selected programme is an 89 second spot in Hindi on the dwindling forests and gradually decreasing habitat of tigers.
  • It reflects through the notes inscribed by the successive generations of tigers in a diary format on their gradual decreasing numbers due to apathetic behaviour of human beings.

ABU Prizes 2016 (Radio) included six categories

  1. Drama
  2. Documentary
  3. News Reporting
  4. Community Service Announcement (CSA)
  5. Interactive Programmes
  6. Innovative Programmes

AIR had submitted its entries in four categories namely, Drama, Documentary, CSA and innovative categories.


Drama Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Iran Vibration
Documentary Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), Hong Kong An Age of Our Own:

War Times – 70th Anniversary Commemoration of the End of WWII

News Reporting Radio and Television of the People’s Republic of China (RTPRC) | China National Radio (CNR), China 36 Days
Community Service Announcement (CSA) All India Radio (AIR), India Diary of a tiger
Interactive Programme Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB)


Iranian Online
Innovative Programme Radio and Television of the People’s Republic of China (RTPRC) | China National Radio (CNR), China Chinese Voice – Chinese New Year
Special Jury Prize Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication, (BNNRC) | Radio Chillmari, Bangladesh The Destroyed Dream

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