Aiyoh, Aiyah words added to Oxford English Dictionary

The words Aiyoh and Aiyah were on 4 October 2016 added to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). They are credited to Mandarin and Cantonese dialects of Chinese.

The words aiyah and aiyoh are interchangeable. Like many Indian words, Aiyoh and Aiyah can mean many things depending on context and tone like irritation, disgust, surprise, dismay, pain, lament, disappointment.

The variants are also there in Tamil, Sinhalese and are widely used in many South East Asian countries, specially Singapore and Malaysia.

About Oxford English Dictionary
• The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is 150 years old and has up to 600000 entries and its publisher is the Oxford University Press. 
• The OED is considered as the Bible of correct English for many children in the English-speaking world. It is widely regarded as the accepted authority and guide on the English language. 
• It makes four updates every year in the Dictionary.

Source: Jagran Josh

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