BUDGET – 2019 – 20


Financial Performance of Government

Fiscal Deficit:
Fiscal deficit has been reduced to 3.4% of GDP.
Government has target to keep fiscal deficit at 3.1% in next financial year (2019-2020)

Current Account Deficit:
Current Account Deficit has reduced to 2.5% of GDP from 2.8% last year.

Average inflation has been brought down to 4.6%

Foreign Direct Investment:
Rs. 239 Billion FDI has been recorded in current fiscal year.
This period also witnessed a rapid liberalization of the FDI policy, allowing most FDI to come through the automatic route.

Banking Sector:
Recapitalization of banks with 2.6 lakh crore has improved the financial health of banks.

Amalgamation of banks has resulted in bringing them out from PCA (Prompt Corrective action).

The period of 2008-14 will be remembered as a period of aggressive credit growth as Outstanding loans of public sector banks ballooned from Rs. 18 lakh crore to Rs. 52 lakh crore during this period.

There were high stressed and non-performing assets (NPAs) amounting to 5.4 lakh crore in 2014.

The 4Rs approach of Recognition, Resolution, Re-capitalisation and Reforms has been followed which led to close 3 lakh crore recovery in favour of banks and creditors.

India has achieved 98% rural sanitation coverage and as many as 5.45 lakh villages have been declared “Open Defecation Free.”

Increment in seats to provide reservation

To provide 10% reservation in educational institutions and Government services for poors it will provide around 25% extra seats (approximately 2 lakh) so that, there is no shortfall of presently available/reserved seats for any class.

Under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, construction of Rural roads has been tripled, 15.80 lakh habitations out of a total of 17.84 lakh habitations have already been connected with pucca roads.

Under, Ayushman Bharat, which is intended to provide medical treatment to nearly 50 crore people, already close to 10 lakh patients have benefited for medical treatment which would have cost them 3,000 crore through free treatment made available under the scheme.

22nd AIIMS will be opened in Haryana.

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