English Material- Prepositions of Time & Place

  1. The boy turned a deaf ear to the pleadings of all his well-wishers.
  2. a) listened carefully b) was deadly opposed
  3. c) posed indifference d) did not pay any attention


turn a deaf ear

phrase of deaf

  1. refuse to listen or respond to a statement or request.

Running away from situations doesn’t make you supreme or a safe player, rather it makes you inclined towards something low that you don’t admire at all. What if Gyanm provides you a sure shot package of 5 Marks in any exam that you are appearing for….

One more thing, this topic if mixed with daily spoken English adds a different essence into it. So, let us have a Quick dose of IDIOM AND PHRASES.

  1. We should give a wide berth to bad characters.
  2. a) keep away from b) publicly condemn
  3. c) give publicity to d) not sympathise with

a wide berth. (idiomatic, by extension) A considerable or comfortable distance from a person or object, especially for safety or deliberate avoidance.

  1. Sumit had to look high and low before he could find his scooter key.
  2. a) nowhere b) always
  3. c) everywhere d) somewhere

to look high and low. phrase. If you say that you looked high and low for something, you are emphasizing that you looked for it in every place that you could think of. [emphasis] high.

  1. You may rush from pillar to post, but you stand no chance of getting what you want in a bride.
  2. a) be very busy
  3. b) rush in all directions and suffer much harassment
  4. c) go to all post boxes and post offices
  5. d) go to many offices and post letters

from pillar to post

phrase of pillar

  1. from one place to another in an unceremonious or fruitless manner.

“they were pushed from pillar to post from the moment they left their homes”

  1. At a party, he is always in high spirits.
  2. a) talkative b) cheerful
  3. c) drunk d) uncontrollable

high spirits


  1. lively and cheerful behaviour or mood.
  1. She rejected his proposal of marriage point blank.
  2. a) directly b) pointedly
  3. c) absurdly d) briefly

PointBlank means: To explicitly address an issue in a blunt, direct manner, without softening the speech or using subtlety. You can use the idiompointblank‘ to describe a very direct style of speech

Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A.
1 d 2 a 3 c 4 b 5 b
6 a


own beside my wife.

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