‘Haryana ahead of Punjab in economic growth’

Captain Abhimanyu gave a comparison between the fiscal figures of the two states. He said while the plan outlay of Haryana was only Rs 26 crore at the time of reorganisation of Punjab in 1966, the plan outlay of Punjab stood at Rs 44 crore. “Today, the plan outlays of Haryana and Punjab stand at Rs 24,871 crore and Rs 21,174 crore, respectively,” said Captain Abhimanyu.

The minister said that gross domestic product (GDP) of Haryana has increased from Rs 332 crore in 1966 to Rs 3.96 lakh crore, and that of Punjab rose from Rs 570.69 crore in 1966 to Rs 3.31 lakh crore now. “Similarly, the per capita income of Haryana is Rs 1.32 lakh per person and that of Punjab is Rs 1.01 lakh per person,” he said.

Abhimanyu said Haryana had created a distinct identity for itself in the field of economics and politics, and left Punjab way behind in terms of development.

He paid tributes to political leaders, farmers, labourers, soldiers and sportspersons ,industrialists and traders who had made significant contributions during the 50-year journey of state, the minister said that his father had also been jailed along with many other people during the ‘Hindi Satyagraha’ movement on August 9, 1957. “Haryana is unique in terms of history and geography. The presence of mountain ranges, both new and the old in the world, and the Saraswati river has given a unique identity to the state,” he said.

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