India v England Tests: DRS is back, albeit conditionally

The upcoming Test series between India and England starting November 9 in  has gathered further interest owing to a few factors over the past ten-odd days. But beyond the anticipation of whether India’s spinners can weave further webs around an England team that was embarrassingly bowled out inside one session of a Test in Bangladesh, and if Virat Kohli can lead this team past the longest unbeaten streak at home (20 Tests) and how the BCCI will continue to cope with the constantly pressure from the Justice Lodha Panel for its many deficiencies, there is the pertinent issue of the Decision Review System

the first time since 2013 that an Indian cricket team will play with the DRS, and only the second Test series since the technology was trailed in 2008 that India will use the full system (in England in 2011, DRS was used but lbws were not part of it). Anyone who has followed international cricket closely for the past eight years will now acutely well that the game has been played in two halves: with the DRS used across all series expect bilateral involving India.

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